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Fourni is the ideal destination for those who love fine food, fish and seafood. Fresh pandoras and dentex, dusky groupers and all sorts of shells, octopus and lobsters are always there to fill your everyday table and for you to enjoy. Besides who can resist a plate of lobster pasta and kakavia (fish soup)?


Fourni and the neighbouring Thymena are the islands of fishermen and bee-keepers, thus offering to visitors a unique opportunity to become acquainted with a different type of gastronomy; a gastronomy with local identity, originating back in time as these islands were at the crossroads of different flavours, products, delights.


Affordable yet not that widespread, the local cuisine includes a wealth of exquisite flavours, unique smells, genuine local products, traditional recipes from the island’s housewives and all these...served in taverns and coffee shops of incredible simplicity and unique beauty. Definitely worth trying!


The island’s people make cheese products, such as the tasty mizithra of Fourni and anthotyros, whereas the “cheese of wax” and “cheese of brine” are equally well-known products.


Fourni has an equally full menu of local, sweet flavours and delicacies. Honey produced on the island, rakomelo (honey and raki drink), aromatic or medicinal herbs collected by the locals, syrup sweets, honey doughnuts, pasteli (sesame bar) and jams, wines carefully matured by their makers, honeycomb, pollen and royal jelly; everything is here to satisfy each and every visitor.